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His gear and clothing, also frozen or partially frozen in the ice, were scattered around him, some items as far as several meters away.

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At 159 centimeters (5' 2.5"), he was a small man, as many men in the Schnalstal vicinity are today.Holding aside the unanswered questions concerning tzis death and whether it was violent or not, several sound reasons suggest that he had not been in the best of health when he died.Although most of his epidermis (the outer layer of the skin), hair and fingernails are gone, probably having decayed as a result of exposure to water during occasional thaws, his remains still offer something of a health record for modern investigators.Numerous bone fractures and thoracic deformity are attributed by William A. That these breakages occurred after death is among the considerable evidence that casts doubt on the early disaster theory.

So does the finding that an area of missing scalp was caused by pressure, not by a blow or decay.

When they returned to the mountain hut where they were staying, they alerted the authorities, who assumed the body was one of the missing climbers lost every year in the crevasses that crisscross the glaciers of the region.

The MC-27J’s conversion begins with external mounts for 2 surveillance and targeting turrets, and a ground-scanning radar.… continue reading »

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